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Meerut Pincode / Post Office Search (BAGPAT, Uttar Pradesh)

Abdullapur B.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Abulane S.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Ajrara B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Amanullapur B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Arnawali B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Aseelpur B.O 250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
Atrara B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
B. N. Nanu B.O 250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
Baghpat Gate S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Bahadurpur B.O 250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
Baleni S.O 250626MeerutUttar Pradesh
Bana B.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Banker Street S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Baram B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Begum Bagh S.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Behrampur B.O 250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
Belvedere S.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Bhadoli B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Bhalsona B.O 250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
Bhatipura B.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Bhola B.O 250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
Bhoor Baral B.O 250103MeerutUttar Pradesh
Bijauli B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Boundary Road S.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Budhana Gate S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Budhera Zahidpur B.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Chandori Khas B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Chandsara B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Chhajupur B.O 250205MeerutUttar Pradesh
Chhipi Tank S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Dabathwa S.O 250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
Dabka B.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Dahadra B.O 250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
Dalampur B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Datawali B.O 250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
Dhaulri B.O 250626MeerutUttar Pradesh
Dolhca B.O 250626MeerutUttar Pradesh
Dulhera B.O 250110MeerutUttar Pradesh
Gagol B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Ganganagar S.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Gesupur B.O 250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
Ghosipur B.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Gurukul Dorli B.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Harra B.O 250344MeerutUttar Pradesh
Hasanpur Kadim B.O 250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
Hasanpur Kalan B.O 250106MeerutUttar Pradesh
I. E. Partapur S.O 250103MeerutUttar Pradesh
Jangethi B.O 250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
Jani Kalan B.O 250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
Jani S.O 250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
Janjokhar B.O 250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
Jaroda B.O 250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
Jatauli B.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Jithauli B.O 250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kabari Bazar S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kaili B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kaiser Ganj S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kaithwari B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kalanjari B.O 250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kalina B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kalyanpur B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kanker Khera S.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kanshi B.O 250205MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kaseru Khera S.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kaul B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kayastha Badha B.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kazamabad Goon B.O 250205MeerutUttar Pradesh
Khanpur B.O 250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kharkhuda S.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Khaspur B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Khirwa Jalalpur B.O 250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kina Nagar B.O 250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kitholi B.O 250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kithore S.O 250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
Krishana Nagar S.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Kurali B.O 250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
Lalyana B.O 250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
Lawar S.O 250222MeerutUttar Pradesh
Lisari B.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Lisari Gate S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Machhara S.O 250106MeerutUttar Pradesh
Mahalwala B.O 250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
Malyana B.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Maukhas B.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Meerpur B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Meerut Cantt H.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Meerut City H.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Meerut City R. S. S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Meerut Kutchery S.O 250003MeerutUttar Pradesh
Meerut Tehsil S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Meerut University S.O 250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
Modipuram S.O 250110MeerutUttar Pradesh
Mohd. Pur Bhoomi B.O 250626MeerutUttar Pradesh
Mohiuddinpur S.O 250205MeerutUttar Pradesh
Mukri B.O 250626MeerutUttar Pradesh
Mundali B.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Murlipur Phool B.O 250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
Muzakkipur B.O 250205MeerutUttar Pradesh
Nadir Ali & Co. S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Nagli Badli B.O 250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
Nangal B.O 250617MeerutUttar Pradesh
Narangpur B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Navinmandi B.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Nek B.O 250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
P. R. C. S.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Pabli Khas B.O 250110MeerutUttar Pradesh
Panchi B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Panchli Khurd B.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Partapur B.O 250103MeerutUttar Pradesh
Paswara B.O 250106MeerutUttar Pradesh
Pathauli B.O 250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
Peepla Idrishpur B.O 250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
Phaphunda B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Pohli B.O 250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
Poothkhas B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
R.A.Bazar S.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Rachhauti B.O 250106MeerutUttar Pradesh
Radhana B.O 250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
Rajpura B.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Ramlilaground S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Ramnagar S.O (Meerut) 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Rasna B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Rasulpur Kinoni B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Rasulpur Rohta S.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Rithani B.O 250103MeerutUttar Pradesh
Rly. Road Meerut S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Rukanpur Morna B.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
S.G.Mandi S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Saket S.O (Meerut) 250003MeerutUttar Pradesh
Samai Pur B.O 250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
Sarawa B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Sardhana Road S.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Sardhana S.O 250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
Sarrafa Bazar S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Sarwani Arifpur B.O 250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
Satwai B.O 250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
Shahjahanpur B.O 250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
Shivpuri S.O (Meerut) 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Sikhera B.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
Sisoli B.O 250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
Siwal B.O 250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
Siwaya B.O 250110MeerutUttar Pradesh
Suraj Kund Road S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Thapar Nagar S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
Uldhan B.O 245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
Victoria Park S.O 250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
W. K. Road S.O 250002MeerutUttar Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.